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Our Story

My name is Gavin Tan, I am a 2nd generation wet market hawker. My parents have been proud poultry stall owners at West Coast Wet Market since 1980s. Throughout the years, we have established trust and relationship with loyal customers turned friends. We have always pride ourselves in providing the freshest poultry and innovating new ways to delight our customers. 

Every day before dawn breaks, we would always spend a considerable time doing quality checks on our chickens so that our customers can have a peace of mind knowing that their purchases are always of top-notch quality and freshness. 

Hawkers are our precious national heritage and is part of our "Singaporean-ness". Wet market is about celebrating the kampung spirit and human connections where friends are like family. The network of supportive friendship and customer satisfaction are one of the many motivating factors that keep us going. 

I have noticed a thinner crowd over the years as younger crowds are drawn to supermarkets. I hope to put in my humble effort to preserve the wet market culture for more generations to come. Now that my parents are near to their retirement age, there is no better timing than now to succeed their wet market stall so that they could put their mind away from the hustle and bustle. 

Our Vision

As a 2nd generation hawker, my goal is to carry on their legacy. To sustain the hawker culture, and to elevate the wet market scene through digitalization and offering value-added services to our customers island wide. Being a food enthusiast myself, I hope that I could spread the love for wet market to everyone.

At Fresh Stop, we provide doorstep delivery of fresh foods from our friendly wet market hawkers. You can now buy from a large selection of stalls you love, in  your desired portion, at an affordable price with no minimum order. We also provide delicious ready-to-cook meal boxes that contains the freshest ingredients on our specially curated secret recipes.

Our Mission At Fresh Top

• Island wide delivery of fresh food at affordable prices;

• Digitalize wet market businesses - Offering wet market hawkers with additional source of income;

• Preserve and create awareness of wet market culture; and

• Continue to innovate and bring value to our customers.