Wrapped Herbal Chicken

Wrapped Herbal Chicken

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Also known as 纸包鸡, one of my favorite dish simply because it is easy to cook, super tasty and packed with loads of nutrition from the fresh chinese herbs. We use fresh Sakura chicken for the extra tenderness and marinate it with fresh chinese herbs and seasoning for that perfect aroma and natural sweetness. Every goodness is packed and prepared nicely for you, all you have to do is stream it to enjoy!


What you will receive

  • Aluminum sheet wrapped herbal chicken


  1. Pour enough water to steam chicken for 90 minutes.
  2. Place aluminum wrapped chicken on a plate.  
  3. Boil water, once water start boiling put chicken in and cover lid.
  4. turn to medium heat and let chicken slow steam for 90 minutes. 
  5. Unwrap chicken and start savouring!

1 portion (1/2 chicken) is good for 2 pax. Cooking time 90 minutes.

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